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Shadbolt in your CommunitY

Shadbolt in your Community programs are developed at the Shadbolt Centre

for the Arts through consultation with Recreation Coordinators, the community

schools, the PACs and the community at large. Your school newsletter and the

recreation newsletter for your area show a listing of programs offered close to

home. If you have questions about the planning process or about the programs,

please call the Shadbolt in your Community Programmer at 604-205-3013.

Shadbolt in your Community programs are listed within the Adult,

Children / Teen and Preschool sections and are designated by their

location in colour.

Art SupplY Store

Drop by the art supply shop before your

first class and get your program needs in

one place, at a competitive price.

Conveniently located on the ground floor

of Mathers House. Great selection of

professional quality artist materials and

pottery tools sold at competitive prices.

Winter 2018 Hours

January 16-March 8


1-3pm & 5-7pm




Also open

Monday, January 15

1-3pm & 6-7pm