Framework for ride hailing licence strikes right balance, Mayor Hurley says

Last updated: July 27, 2021

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation’s agreement for municipalities to work together to develop an inter-municipal business licence (IMBL) for ride hailing strikes an appropriate balance, according to Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley.

“We need to ensure that a significant change to transportation in our community works for everyone,” said Hurley. “That means maintaining accessibility and equity – right across the board. The resolution from the Mayors’ Council addresses those concerns.”
The Mayors’ Council has approved a framework for the new IMBL, which will now go to municipal councils across the region for individual bylaw approval. This would enable ride hailing companies and drivers to purchase a single licence to operate for the entire Lower Mainland – Whistler region.

The Mayors’ Council is encouraging municipalities to harmonize current municipal fees for taxis with fees set out in the IMBL. In addition, it is urging the provincial government and the Passenger Transportation Board to review taxi boundaries, fleet caps and insurance requirements, and ensure that a mechanism is put in place to subsidize approved ride-hail vehicles or taxis that provide adequate accessible services for customers who rely on mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters. 

“This framework will help ensure real, open competition for ride hailing and the taxi industry. As well, there are important measures to maintain accessibility for people who have mobility challenges. Every month, more than 1,350 rides are provided by accessible taxis in Burnaby. These rides are essential for maintaining quality of life for these people.”

“Pressing the Provincial Transportation Board and the province was always a key piece for Burnaby,” added Hurley. “We need to ensure everyone in the community has a service that works for them. If all the recommendations of the Mayors’ Council are enacted, then we will have achieved that.

Mayor Hurley said he intends to bring the draft bylaw to City Council for approval as soon as possible.

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