COVID-19 anthem ‘We’re All in This Together’ a rallying call for the times

Last updated: October 21, 2021

Burnaby, BC–A punk legend/city councillor and local mayor have combined forces to create the seemingly impossible: a COVID-19 rock anthem.

Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley and Councillor Joe Keithley celebrate the spirit of our communities and our frontline workers with the release of “We’re All in This Together,” a passionate, upbeat song for our times.

“Joe wrote this great song, and I hope it energizes and fortifies people to stay strong,” said Hurley. “It captures the community’s grit and determination that we see all around us today, and calls on us to double down on our commitment to each other and beat COVID-19.”

Keithley and Hurley performed the song – with appropriate physical distancing – for a video shot at Burnaby’s Deer Lake Park. The song is both a salute to the resilience and perseverance of residents during the COVID-19 crisis and a rallying call:

We’re all in, this together

We’ve got to brave, this stormy weather

You can count on us, we’re your neighbours

We’re all in, this together

Councillor Keithley sings lead vocals and plays guitar for the arrangement, while Mayor Hurley, a lifelong guitar player, accompanies Keithley on bass and backup vocals.

"Writing this song was just a natural as I saw the growing effort by our fellow Canadians to keep as many folks as possible safe throughout the pandemic,” said Keithley, who is also the front man for legendary punk band D.O.A. “It's my way of thanking and expressing my admiration for the nurses, doctors and all the front line workers. They are the best!"

Considered a ‘godfather of Canadian punk,’ Keithley founded D.O.A. in 1978. The band is known for its consistent thread of political activism and its diverse sound rooted in punk rock.

In 2018, Keithley took the band’s slogan TALK-ACTION=0 to the next level when he was elected to Burnaby City Council. Hurley, a former fire fighter, was elected mayor in the same election and since then, the two musicians have performed together for a number of charitable events around town.

In November 2019, Hurley surprised the crowd at the Burnaby Board of Trade business excellence awards when he performed his song, “Burnabarians,” improvising at the podium by folding the names of the sponsors and nominees into his lyrics.

Watch the Video: We’re All in This Together

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