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Last updated: August 24, 2021

What do you think?

Now that the new site has launched, we’re interested in hearing your thoughts about our website. Did we hit the mark? What are your first impressions of our new design, the way we’ve organized information and the new features? Visit our feedback form and select website category.

Explore our new website–and tell us what you think!

Our newly redesigned website is now live. Right away, you’ll notice:

  • A clean, contemporary design with strong visual elements.
  • A menu that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and accomplish tasks more quickly.
  • A design that works on all screen sizes–from desktop monitors to mobile devices.

We've organized our top menu to make it easier to navigate to the information you're looking for–and we've placed the 'search' bar front and centre where you can type in a few key words and let the website take you where you want to go. We've also included homepage links to popular pages–like job openings, daily schedules and My Property Portal–all in an effort to help get your tasks done quickly.

Try our streamlined features  

Permits and applications

Find the information you need on permits and applications and then apply online in My Permits Portal. 


Track our current and recent development projects from our homepage from design to completion. Take a project survey and have your say.   

Services and payments  

Need to make a payment, apply for a licence or find reports? We've organized all services and payments under convenient headings so you can find what you need quickly. 

Programs and activities

Find a class on our new daily schedules for swimming, fitness classes and drop-in gym; and learn more about our recreation and arts facilities.   

Explore outdoors

Find links to your favourite outdoor park, trail or public garden in our Explore Outdoors section.  

Project background

Our journey toward launching our newest, most intuitive version of began in 2020. We brought a team together to look at what we needed to do to address the needs of our residents, business owners, visitors and other website users. Over the next 18 months we developed a plan and resources to address your needs and priorities.  

We asked for your input–and we got it!

We worked with over 350 users to find out what they really thought about our website. Could they find what they were looking for? What online services were most helpful? Like other cities going through the same process, we heard some common complaints:  

  • Information can be hard to find, even with the search function.
  • The website feels like it's organized by the City departments, not by services.   
  • You want to find what you're looking for and accomplish your task quickly.  

Now get the information you want–with fewer clicks!  

User feedback helped us revamp our website, making it simpler to use and more focused on customer priorities.  It's now supported by flexible, open-source technology that will evolve with your needs—and make it easier for us to update so you always have the latest information. 

We hope is a welcoming website that meets your needs and gives you a positive experience every time you visit.  

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