City of Burnaby plants hundreds of native species at Ron McLean Park

Last updated: October 8, 2021

The City of Burnaby recently planted 239 native plants in Ron McLean Park, as part of an annual effort to revitalize and restore Burnaby’s green spaces, and preserve the health of our parks for future generations to enjoy. 

Earlier this month, crews planted native species across a 350-square-metre forested area in Ron McLean Park, creating new habitat and food for local wildlife. By planting naturally occurring vegetation, the City is also helping to ensure this area remains resilient to the effects of climate change, as native species will improve soil quality, clean the air, and help to cool the surrounding area.

Every year, following a busy summer of activity in Burnaby parks, City crews spring into action to support and restore our natural areas. In some cases, native species plantings are required because some parks are considered “fragments of forests,” where natural seeding and regeneration is not occurring.

Other times, City crews must do replanting to repair some of the damage done by an influx of visitors to Burnaby parks during the summer. That’s why it’s important to remember to obey all signage and always stay on established trails when visiting Burnaby parks.

The City is committed to maintaining our healthy ecosystem – where plants, animals and waterways thrive because we focus on clean and sustainable land use practices that keep our environment strong.

To learn more about our efforts to preserve and enhance our natural areas, visit

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