City's new smoking bylaw will expand restrictions to protect public health

Last updated: January 27, 2022

Burnaby City Council has approved a new smoking regulation bylaw, effective January 1, 2022, that will restrict smoking cigarettes, tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes and vape products in public parks, city-owned or controlled outdoor public spaces, and certain business premises.

The new bylaw will restrict smoking in the following public spaces and business premises:

Public Spaces:

  • Lands and facilities owned or leased by the City and intended for public or civic use, except for designated smoking areas.
  • All City parks and multi-use paths.
  • Bicycle lanes, boulevards, crosswalks, sidewalks, walkways, rights of way and other public spaces or passageways located next to a City park or commercial, institutional or assembly-use property. Assembly-use properties include such places as schools, places of worship, theatres or similar institutions.
  • Within six metres of any public transit facility, including transit stations, bus stops, shelters, benches, poles and signage.

Business Premises:

  • Any enclosed or substantially enclosed area of a business premises that is a workplace or open to the public.
  • Partially enclosed or unenclosed customer service areas where food or beverages are served on-site (e.g. patios, balconies and terraces).

Exceptions are provided in the following cases:

  • Aboriginal ceremonial use or smoking of tobacco or other substances, with the prior permission of the City.
  • Smoking during a movie production, theatrical or other artistic performance, with the prior permission of the City.
  • Smoking of hookah, except tobacco and cannabis, in business premises that existed and had a valid business licence before the smoking bylaw was adopted (these businesses are listed in the bylaw).
  • Business within a residential dwelling that is not open to the public and only with worker(s) who live in the dwelling (e.g. self-employed home-based businesses) 
  • Hotel and motel rooms designated as smoking rooms.

Smoking is a significant public health threat linked to more than two dozen diseases and health conditions, including various cancers, heart diseases and respiratory issues. The Burnaby Smoking Regulation Bylaw is the result of the City's commitment to protecting the public from the harmful effects of second-hand smoking.

The penalties for violating the smoking bylaw will range from $200-$500. The new bylaw comes into effect January 1, 2022.

For questions or inquiries about the bylaw please email the City Clerk’s office at [email protected]

For information related to enforcement or to submit a complaint, please email the Licence Office at [email protected].

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