City of Burnaby developing strategy to enhance the urban forest

Last updated: November 4, 2021

The City of Burnaby is developing an Urban Forest Management Strategy to protect, preserve and expand the forest canopy in the city, and deliver significant quality of life and climate action benefits.

"Today, more than 25% of our city is parks and open spaces, which is something residents cherish and appreciate,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “This strategy will build on that strength and ensure a greener, climate-resilient future for Burnaby, its residents and our environment.”

Burnaby's urban forest includes all the trees and vegetation in the city, including park and boulevard trees. The urban forest delivers many environmental, social, health and economic benefits. These include improved air quality, urban cooling, beautification, wildlife habitat, rainwater absorption and reduced energy costs.

However, climate change, urban development, diseases, invasive pests, and aging threaten our urban forest. 

The Urban Forest Strategy will outline a clear, long-term, sustainable approach to managing our urban forest. Work will include developing a tree canopy map and boulevard tree inventory, in order to set a canopy target and an annual planting program.

Development of the strategy will be complete by mid-2022. 

The Urban Forest Strategy supports significant actions in This is Climate Action, a framework developed to guide how the City will put into action its commitment to be “carbon neutral” (no longer contributing to the carbon emissions that accelerate climate change) by 2050. 

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