City releases 10-year plan to address housing and homelessness in Burnaby

Last updated: December 7, 2021

The City of Burnaby has unveiled a plan for transformative action to address the regional housing crisis with the release of HOME: Burnaby’s Housing + Homelessness Strategy, a comprehensive roadmap to guide the City’s decisions on housing for the next 10 years.

“The vision and broad goals outlined in the HOME Strategy reflect the diverse array of perspectives, ideas and input of Burnaby residents, housing stakeholders and community organizations,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “There are no simple or easy ways to tackle a housing crisis, but this strategy delivers a plan to ensure everyone in Burnaby can find a home, afford a home and feel at home.”

Over the last two years, Burnaby has become a leader among municipalities by charting a bold and innovative direction on housing policy. In 2019, the City convened the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, which delivered 18 recommendations and 10 “quick start” ideas to guide the City’s housing efforts. A number of these were immediately acted upon in the months following the task force’s final report.

The HOME Strategy is designed to continue to deliver on the direction of the task force through five specific goals, 15 strategies and 90 associated actions to achieve the right supply of housing for our community. 

“As chair of both the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing and the Planning and Development Committee I am proud of the accomplishments of the last three years in addressing the housing shortage, and I can truly say that this strategy will provide clear direction for housing and homelessness action for the next 10 years and beyond,” said Councillor Pietro Calendino. “The HOME strategy will help the City in meeting the housing needs and will guide us in achieving the goals of resiliency, diversity, affordability and supply.”

In addition to incorporating feedback from Burnaby residents, the HOME Strategy is informed by the Burnaby Housing Needs Report, which is a detailed analysis of Burnaby’s housing supply and projected needs.

Learn More: HOME: Burnaby’s Housing + Homelessness Strategy

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In 2019, in response to the regional housing crisis, Burnaby enlisted the community to develop innovative solutions together. Through the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Housing, an 18-member committee representing advocates, renters, non-profit housing providers, local unions, and development leaders, and the accompanying Your Voice. Your Home. public engagement initiative, Burnaby empowered the community and charted a new direction in housing policy.

By July 2019, these companion processes had produced 18 recommendations and 10 “quick starts” to increase the supply, diversity and affordability of housing. In adopting these recommendations and “quick starts,” Council recognized that some could be acted upon quickly and independently, and others would be better considered as part of an integrated strategy. The result has been the implementation of a number of quick starts and recommendations and the creation of the HOME Strategy.

The 90 associated actions included in the HOME Strategy are built around five key goals and the 15 strategies to achieve those goals, outlined below.

Goal 1: Build inclusive livable neighbourhoods by:

  • Increasing housing choice;
  • Creating more housing in mixed-use, transit-friendly areas;
  • Supporting housing for diverse needs;
  • Promoting social connections and resilience; and
  • Supporting climate-friendly and sustainable housing development.

Goal 2: Create options for secure housing tenure by:

  • Exploring ways to make homeownership more attainable; and
  • Supporting co-operatives, co-housing and other secure, collaborative housing options.

Goal 3: Support a renter-friendly community by:

  • Protecting and growing our rental housing stock; and
  • Supporting tenants facing displacement and other challenges.

Goal 4: Foster a healthy supply of non-market housing by:

  • Pursuing non-market housing partnerships with governments and housing providers;
  • Providing regulatory support for non-market housing; and
  • Facilitating redevelopment of low-density sites for affordable housing.

Goal 5: Make Burnaby into a place where homelessness is rare, brief and one time by:

  • Preventing pathways into homelessness;
  • Supporting pathways out of homelessness; and
  • Contributing to continued collaboration and coordination among homeless serving partners.

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