City purchases key property in Metrotown neighbourhood

Last updated: December 10, 2021

The City of Burnaby has purchased a large property at 6515 Bonsor Avenue, securing key space in the Metrotown neighbourhood for the City’s future needs.

As part of the purchase agreement, the City will pay $13.3 million to take possession of the former Firefighters Public House building, which will provide the City with more than 19,000 square feet of space for office uses and other community needs. 

As the Metrotown neighbourhood evolves into a true downtown for Burnaby, it is important for the City to capitalize on opportunities to secure space for community groups, future amenities and City services. As a large property located adjacent to the Bonsor Recreation Centre in a central location, securing this property will assist the City as we plan future amenities in this area.

City staff are developing a short-term plan for use of the building, which will likely include a combination of City staff office space and using the remaining space to accommodate other community needs and generate revenue.

Learn more: Metrotown Downtown Plan

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