City approves plan to reshape transportation system in Burnaby

Last updated: December 14, 2021

Burnaby City Council has approved an ambitious plan which will reshape the City’s approach to transportation planning over the next 30 years, making it easier, safer and more climate friendly to move throughout the city.

“Whether we’re walking our kids to school, enjoying a night on the town or commuting to work, transportation is essential to our daily lives and vital to Burnaby’s economy,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “Having an effective transportation system ensures that businesses, institutions, industry and residents can continue to thrive.”

Connecting Burnaby: Burnaby’s Transportation Plan, is the first major update to the City’s transportation plan in more than 25 years. 

The Plan introduces three measurable targets to achieve by 2050:

  • Vision Zero: a 100% reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries;
  • Mode Split: ¾ of all trips made by public transit and active transportation; and,
  • Zero Emissions: reduce vehicle emissions by 100%.

The Plan has been shaped in large part by Burnaby residents, who engaged with City staff through an extensive public outreach campaign over three phases, which began in July 2017.

During these outreach sessions, residents emphasized the importance of supporting more sustainable transportation options in Burnaby. As a result, Connecting Burnaby outlines actions to encourage walking and rolling, cycling and transit to meet the daily needs of Burnaby residents.

Learn More: Connecting Burnaby: Burnaby’s Transportation Plan

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