City of Burnaby launches BC Parkway illumination project

Last updated: December 17, 2021

The City of Burnaby has launched a project to illuminate the BC Parkway, installing accent lighting on SkyTrain guideway pillars to make the route more lively and inviting for pedestrians and cyclists at any time of day.

Once complete, a total of 178 guideway pillars will feature new lighting that shifts between brilliant colours along the nearly five-kilometre stretch of BC Parkway from Patterson Station to Edmonds Station.

“BC Parkway is such a vital space in Burnaby and we want to build on that,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “People use the path to get to work, to shop and to explore our city. By adding new lighting and exploring other projects with our partners, we hope to see BC Parkway become a beautiful, green and even more active corridor in our region – both day and night.”

The project will be completed in phases, with work on the Willingdon Avenue to Metrotown Station section in December 2021. The entire route to Edmonds Station is slated to be complete by early 2023.

The City is also working with TransLink to advance projects for new pedestrian lighting along the BC Parkway in Burnaby, which will make the route even safer.

Ensuring that community spaces and amenities are well-lit is a key goal outlined in Burnaby’s Community Safety Plan, and encouraging more people to choose active transportation options is one of the key targets outlined in Burnaby’s Transportation Plan.

About BC Parkway

BC Parkway was built 35 years ago, and is used daily by thousands of pedestrians and cyclists. In Burnaby, it provides a vital connection between neighbourhoods, including Edmonds and Royal Oak. At Metrotown, the area around the Expo Line is growing rapidly as the area begins to evolve into a true downtown for the City of Burnaby, a vision articulated in the 2017 Metrotown Downtown Plan and getting an added boost with the development of the Metrotown Master Plan currently underway.

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