City of Burnaby adopts new online bidding system

Last updated: May 10, 2022

The City of Burnaby is pleased to announce that the City has adopted a new online bidding system—bids&tenders—to streamline and simplify the procurement process, and improve efficiency and transparency for businesses and the City. This intuitive system will allow businesses to securely view, register, download and submit bids online, allowing them the flexibility to respond to opportunities anytime from anywhere.

We're constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, provide better service and reduce our carbon footprint. This new online bidding system meets all those objectives, making it easier for businesses to do business with the City.

Businesses can create an account on to access bid opportunities posted by the City. Businesses can use this online system to:

  • upload and submit bids 
  • track and manage bids with a custom dashboard
  • select personalized categories
  • receive automated emails about new bid opportunities
  • see bid closing countdown in real-time
  • withdraw, change or resubmit bids
  • eliminate manual errors with the built-in calculator
  • submit complete bids
  • receive reminders

Going digital will simplify and automate administrative tasks for both the City and businesses. The platform is expected to reduce procurement cycles and only accept submissions that are fully completed. The system will also help staff to evaluate proposals, notify bid results and manage contracts and reports.

As of May 10, all new bids will be posted to

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