City to install new sidewalks on 11th Avenue

Last updated: May 11, 2022

The City of Burnaby plans to quickly implement changes in the southeast area of Edmonds near Byrne Creek Community School to respond to traffic safety concerns.

This includes the installation of a temporary sidewalk along the south side of 11th Avenue between 15th Street and 17th Street this summer. At the same time, the design and planning will also begin for a permanent sidewalk to be installed on 11th Avenue along this same stretch.

Tragically, on May 5, 2022, a Grade 8 student from Byrne Creek Community School was struck and killed while walking home. The incident is being thoroughly investigated by RMCP to determine the cause. If the results of the investigation show the City could have done something different to prevent this tragedy, we will make all necessary changes immediately.

Since this tragic event, we’ve heard from people who live in the neighbourhood that previous efforts to improve safety have not gone far enough. They have told us that the high volume of construction traffic on their streets is causing significant stress to their neighbourhood, and they feel unsafe.

The installation of a new sidewalk along 11th Avenue is intended to respond to these concerns. The City is also looking at other measures to enhance traffic calming and safety, to ensure everyone in this neighbourhood feels safe travelling through the area, regardless of whether they are walking, rolling or driving.

Building sidewalks is a City priority

Burnaby is building dozens of new sidewalks city-wide in response to what we’ve heard from residents, businesses and community organizations. Residents have told us that Burnaby needs a high-quality pedestrian network—and we are moving as quickly as possible to deliver.

The City plans to build more than 20 kilometers of new sidewalks each year. In 2021, we built more than 30 new sidewalks throughout the city and are planning a similar number for 2022.

Priority for sidewalk construction is given to streets near transit, schools, parks, seniors’ housing and community centres.

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