Traffic Calming

Learn about our traffic calming measures for safer streets

Burnaby uses traffic calming devices such as speed humps, raised medians, traffic circles, curb bulges and other measures to reduce speed and vehicle volume around schools, local roads, parks and community centres. They improve safety for all users.

Traffic calming measures

These traffic calming measures are commonly used in Burnaby to improve safety:

  • Curb bulges narrow streets at intersections and at other locations to improve pedestrian safety and add green space.
  • Traffic circles are raised islands in the centre of an intersection that reduces traffic speed and collisions.
  • Raised centre medians reduce street width for vehicles to control speed and provide refuge to pedestrians crossing a major road.
  • Speed humps are raised obstacles installed on local streets to deter speeding. 

Criteria for speed humps

Based on a Local Area Service petition process, humps are spaced evenly, 80 to 100 metres apart and limit vehicle speeds to 50 km/h or less between humps.

  1. Humps will not be installed on streets with bus routes, steep slopes or if they may affect emergency vehicle movement.
  2. You must be a registered property owner on the block to request a speed hump.
  3. We install speed humps under the Local Area Service Program on a cost-sharing basis. The City will pay 70% of the cost and the property owners pay the remaining 30%. However, the actual owner cost the City recovers may vary from project to project, based on the final frontage calculations. The current cost to residents is $0.82 per taxable metre of property per year for 5 years.

Request a speed hump for your street

  1. You can request a speed hump by emailing [email protected] or calling 604-294-7440.

  2. After we get your request, we’ll consult emergency services, engineers and the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) for their recommendations.

  3. After your request is approved by the TSC, the property tax and clerk’s office will send you a petition form with project details and costs and request a response within 30 days.

  4. If 50% or more of the owners support the project, we'll send it to the council for final approval and construction.

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