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Property Tax Estimator

Residential (Class 1) Property Tax Estimator

Use the Property Tax Estimator below to determine how much your property's assessed value will affect your property taxes for the year. This tool will allow you to estimate your property taxes for 2022. This tool is based on the agreed 2022 Municipal Tax rate increase of 2.95%, and rate increases for all other authorities.

Your assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate for your assessment class and divided by 1,000. The tax rate (or mill rate) is comprised of the rates levied by each taxing authority.

Please note:
Figures are an estimate only and do not include items such as Sewer Parcel Tax or Home Owner Grant eligibility. Municipal Property Tax notices are issued in June.

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Enter a property value below to estimate your residential property taxes for the year.

Residential Property Tax Estimates

Where Do Your Property Tax Dollars Go?

Burnaby keeps 54 cents of each property tax dollar

For properties under $3 million, Burnaby keeps 54 cents of each property tax dollar collected. The other 46 cents is used to fund other taxing authorities such as School and TransLink. The percentage retained by the City of Burnaby will reduce when Additional School Taxes are applicable.

Municipal Services includes but is not limited to: Police, Fire, Engineering (including roads), Parks and Recreation, Culture, Community Services, Library, and general administration.

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