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Permit and Inspection Services During COVID-19

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the Building Department has implemented the following permit and Inspection protocols to create the required social distance in order to continue serving our customers.

The Building Department conducts inspections to maintain the safety and standards of all buildings in Burnaby. Inspectors ensure that all projects are completed in accordance with municipal bylaws and provincial codes. As you move through the steps of your own project, and before you can occupy a newly constructed building, you will need to complete the necessary inspections.

Building Permits and Inspections and Permits and Inspections for House Construction are useful references for anyone starting a project in Burnaby. These brochures outline the general permit and inspection process used for everything from new construction to sign placement to the tree bylaw.

Contacting an Inspector

If you wish to speak with an inspector or book an inspection, please read through Contacting Inspectors and Booking Inspection Requests for a list of their hours and availability.

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24 hours notice is required when booking an inspection. Permit-holders must Contact the Building Department themselves to request an inspection.

Inspection of a work site
  • Permit Processing

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