Community Safety

Discover how we’re creating a safer community

Read our Community Safety Plan, find emergency services information, volunteer for a safety program or learn how to get prepared for an emergency and more.

Emergency services


Emergency contact

Non-emergency contact

Police (RCMP Burnaby Detachment)


Online Crime Reporting

Fire Department



Burnaby Emergency Dispatch

  • hazardous conditions
  • sewer and water leaks
  • flooding
  • spills
  • downed trees



Alertable: Public Alerting System

Stay aware and plan ahead—Burnaby is now on the Alertable notification network. These notifications allow the City to inform subscribed users of actions to take during critical emergencies.

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Community safety initiatives and programs

Our goal is for Burnaby to be a safe place to live, work, play and visit. These collaborative programs help you and your neighbours stay safe.

Additional resources

Extreme Heat

Keep yourself and your family safe during extreme heat events with cooling centres and pop-up cooling stations.

Be Park Smart

Burnaby’s parks and trails are open and available for everyone to enjoy. While getting outdoors offers health benefits, it is important that you are prepared in advance to ensure you have a fun and safe experience when visiting our parks and public spaces.

Transportation plan

Our Transportation Plan fully recognizes the critical role transportation networks play in creating a safer community.

Fire safety plans

A well designed Fire Safety Plan aids both building owners, occupants and emergency services personnel with responding to emergency situations. A plan is required by the British Columbia Fire Code based on building use or occupancy types.

Nasal naloxone kits

Nasal naloxone spray reduces the chances of overdose from opioids. We provide emergency access to the spray kits across public facilities.

Safe harbour

All our community facilities are part of the Safe Harbour program, providing an immediate safe place for you if you experience discrimination in or near our facilities.

Taskforce on sexually exploited and at-risk youth

The Burnaby-New Westminster Task Force on Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Youth works to address the sexual abuse of children in the commercial sex trade and to promote support for at-risk youth.

You can email [email protected] to learn more.

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