Transportation Plan

A progressive vision

The Burnaby Transportation System will contribute to a vibrant and prosperous community by connecting people, places and goods; providing safe, accessible, healthy and sustainable transportation options and choice for all people; and, supporting the ecological integrity of the environment.

Over the next 30 years, Burnaby's transportation system will:

  • Provide access to transport options and choice.
  • Emphasize sustainable transportation modes such as walking and rolling, cycling and transit to meet daily needs.
  • Create opportunities to participate in the life of the city through the design of streets for people.
  • Support the local economy through efficient and reliable movement of goods and services.
  • Encourage health and well-being.
  • Support the City’s climate action initiatives towards zero emissions.

Plan highlights

The plan focuses on six goals to help us achieve our vision. They include:

  1. Access to transportation options and choice
  2. Safe and secure mobility
  3. Healthy community
  4. Green mobility
  5. Prosperous community
  6. Connected community

The plan includes three targets to help us monitor, measure, and evaluate progress over time, support the prioritization of policies and actions and motivate the community to change their travel behaviour. By 2050, the City wants to achieve:

  • Vision Zero - reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 100%. 
  • Mode Split - have ¾ of all trips made by public transit and active transportation.
  • Zero Emissions - reduce vehicle emissions by 100%.

The plan offers five foundational policy areas that influence access to transportation, transport choices and travel behaviours. They are: 

  • land use integration
  • public realm and place-making
  • streets are for everyone
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • behaviour change: educate, encourage, enable and empower

These foundations influence all modes of transport and the types of transportation networks and systems developed within the City. They also impact economic growth and development, health and social well-being, safety and security, sustainability and other community priorities.

Burnaby's transportation system enables people to travel and connect to local destinations within the City and beyond. The plan supports five modes: 

  • walking and rolling
  • cycling
  • transit
  • goods movement 
  • driving

The plan includes Big Moves, policies and actions, and network maps for each mode and supports the three City-wide Targets. 

The implementation framework sets out an approach for achieving the vision and targets of the transportation plan. It provides a flexible, tiered direction to guide future actions, work programs, and the required responsibilities and resourcing.

The framework will follow a data-based monitoring and evaluation system to provide continuous feedback, helping us achieve the desired results. 

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