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Find everything you need to film in the City—from our unique and versatile locations to permit information and fee breakdowns.

Burnaby is home to approximately 60% of the studio spaces available across the Lower Mainland, as well as a whole host of stunning natural, historical and urban backdrops.

Our city has been proudly featured in many popular films, television shows, commercials, independent productions and student films worldwide.

Film permit guidelines

The Burnaby Film Office can help guide your production throughout the approval process. Please follow these guidelines to film in Burnaby:

  1. Make your inquiry or request through the Burnaby Film Office.
  2. Submit your filming request and deposit no less than 5 working days before filming. The film office cannot process certain request without a deposit. Additional notice is required for larger projects.
  3. Pay all the associated fees related to City services in advance.
  4. Submit liability insurance documents at least 5 days before filming. The policy must:
    • Be valued at $5 million and should include automobile insurance—also valued at $5 million—if using vehicles in the film.
    • Name the City as additional insured and include a 30-day cancellation clause.
    • Include cross liability endorsement, severability of interests or separation of insureds.
    • For your convenience, please have your broker fill out the standard Certificate of Insurance form. This form is pre-filled out with all of the City requirements and is accepted throughout all City departments.
  5. Collect authorization forms and schedules of requirements and guidelines from the Burnaby Film Office.

The permits can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    You can find an approximate breakdown of fees for filming in Burnaby below. The Burnaby Film Office determines the final fees and other applicable taxes on an individual production basis.

    Submit your fees to the Burnaby Film Office in Canadian dollars no less than five days before filming.

    Film application $231.75 + tax (non-refundable)
    Film application (students) $50 + tax (non-refundable)
    Administration charge 20% added to all city services (waived for students)
    Street use $250 per block. Parking meter charges may also apply
    Road use $206 + tax
    RCMP detachment $125 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum
    Fire department By quote
    City parks (filming days) $923.52 + tax per location, per day
    City parks (non-filming days) $366.93 + tax per location, per day
    Small parks parking lot (up to 99 spots) $348.94 + tax
    Large parks parking lot (100 spots and over) $569.37 + tax
    Commercial drone use TBD

    In addition to filming fees, all productions filming in Burnaby are required to pay a damage deposit to cover the use of City parks, streets, facilities and equipment.

    The Burnaby Film Office will decide the final damage deposit amounts based on the specifics of the film project.

    Damage deposit for City parks $5,000
    Damage deposit for City buildings $10,000

    Damage deposits must be submitted to the Burnaby Film Office by cash, debit, cheque or EFT payable to the City of Burnaby. Deposits, minus city service charges, will be refunded upon completion of filming.

    Street parking: 

    • Street parking must be submitted to the Film Office 6 business days in advance of the preferred start date. Submissions must include a film application and a map, with date and times. 
    • The City’s transportation division will approve the request and the signs will be installed 24 hours prior to the start time. 

    Traffic Control Permit: 

    • If you will be closing a street, lane or intersection (or in some cases, Intermittent Traffic Control), please submit a Traffic Management Plan to the City’s transportation division. Information on how to apply for the permit and submit your Traffic Management Plan can be found on our Traffic Control Permit webpage
    • Please send copies of completed Traffic Control Permit and Traffic Management Plan to the Film Office 6 business days in advance. 


    • Requests for RCMP support must be submitted to the Film Office 5 business days in advance. Please include location and on-site contact information.

    SPFX (special effects): 

    • SPFX requests must be submitted to the Film Office 7 business days in advance using the film application. 
    • Please include a breakdown of the event from the SPFX Coordinator and a safety plan.
    • Please fill out and send the Film Industry Special Effects Report.


    • Drone work must be submitted 5 business days in advance to the Film Office. 
    • Please send a film application, flight path and the license and paperwork of the Transport Canada approved drone operator.

    Notification letters: 

    • Letters for residents and/or businesses must be approved by the Film Office before distribution. 
    • You may use our templates or provide your own version. Letters should go out 5 business in advance of filming. 


    • Regular working hours are 7 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 10 pm on Saturday, and 9 am-10 pm on Sunday and statutory holidays. 

    GST number

    • The City's GST number is R121379614. 

    1. Facilitate the motion picture film industry's production endeavours by providing a centralized and efficient procedure for obtaining authorization when necessary for filming in Burnaby.
    2. Promote the City of Burnaby as a focus for the industry and an inviting environment for filming.
    3. Encourage the establishment of business, industry and expertise in Burnaby to support and complement the film industry.
    4. Minimize any inconvenience to the general public and the citizens of Burnaby due to filming activities.
    5. Ensure that the film company provides the City with appropriate liability insurance for using public facilities for filming in Burnaby.
    6. Ensure that filming on location won't cause any irreparable damage to public or private property. In the event such damage occurs, the film company will handle all the repairs as required.
    7. Make sure that filming doesn't jeopardize the safety and well-being of the general public.
    8. Ensure that the City recovers its costs for all services rendered associated with filming activities.
    9. Ensure that filming activities fully observe the City's bylaws.
    10. State that the City reserves the right to approve or deny any request for filming involving city-owned or governed property, assets, right-of-way, etc.


    Get the location you need—choose from old-world backdrops like the famous Burnaby Village Museum, lush natural settings or modern bustling cityscapes.


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