Maps & Open Data

Search, interact with and download City information

The City's geographical information systems (GIS) team provides spatial data in easy-to-use, interactive formats to help you find information easily and efficiently. Explore the links below to learn more.


Use the City's interactive mapping application to perform a data search from various sources. Data can be viewed, saved, emailed and printed. There are many map layers (themes) of data that can be turned on and off with the click of a button.

Beyond searching, you can also use BurnabyMap to:

  • discover information about your property, such as the zoning type, where the pipes connect to your house and where the closest fire hydrant is
  • look at historic aerial photos of Burnaby dating back to 1930
  • make measurements and mark up maps for saving, sharing, and printing
  • look up business licenses that have been issued across the City of Burnaby

Open Data Portal

Explore, interact, and download spatial datasets grouped by category. Download aerial photos, LiDAR, terrain, and 3D digital elevation model data.

Infrastructure Capital Projects

Track major capital works projects that will improve roads, water, sewers, drainage and lighting in Burnaby.

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