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Learn how to apply for different types of business licences. Find application forms and fee details.

The Burnaby Licence Office issues licences to commercial businesses and home-based businesses operating in the city. You may even be eligible for an add-on inter-municipal business licence (IMBL) if you're a construction and trades-related business based in Burnaby.

With an IMBL, your business will be able to operate in 5 other municipalities for a single fee without needing any additional non-resident licences.

Types of licences

All businesses in Burnaby require a valid business licence. A business is any commercial or industrial undertaking, including those who provide professional, personal or other services. Non-profits are also required to obtain a licence. New or temporary businesses and those that have changed or opened a new location, or changed ownership, must apply for a new licence to operate in the City.

There are 3 types of business licences.

  • have a permanent location in Burnaby
  • operate from offices, retail locations, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or homes

  • temporarily operating in Burnaby
  • building trades contractors or mobile companies with no fixed location in the city

  • construction and trades related businesses interested in working in all 5 participating municipalities

Apply for a business license

If you want to operate a business in Burnaby, ensure the location you've chosen complies with the zoning regulations that specify what types of activities are allowed. Call the planning department at 604-294-7400 for more information.

We can't process applications that have active/open permits on a location. Therefore, before you apply, check with the building department at 604-294-7130 to ensure no active permits exist. Else, your application may be denied and you may also lose your $50.00 application fee.

Complete the forms below and send them to the Licence Office.

We'll contact you about your application once we receive and review it.


  • All new applications must pay the first-year licence fee and a non-refundable fee of $50.00.
  • You must renew your business licence annually. We'll send you a reminder 30 days before the due date.

How to pay

My Property Portal

Welcome to the City of Burnaby's My Property Portal.

  • Access your utility fees, property tax, dog and business licence information–anytime, anywhere.
  • Sign up for e-billing to receive notices and bills via email.
  • View your current and past invoices.
  • View your account payment history.
  • Check account status to ensure account is up to date and payments are received.

Pay online

Pay by credit card

Having a My Property Portal profile is the easiest way to check your account balance and make payments. However, if you want to make a credit card payment without creating a profile, visit our direct payment page. A non-refundable 1.75% convenience fee will be added to the total amount for all credit card payments. 

Pay via online banking

When paying via online banking, phone banking, ATMs or financial institutions, select Burnaby City Business Licence as a payee and enter your account # (starting with 7XXXXX) found on the front of your invoice.

Apply for a home-based business licence

Home businesses include all offices or studios of an individual engaged in business, art, health, crafts or instruction. You can operate a home-based business out of approved residential locations in Burnaby, except mobile home parks.

Home-based businesses must comply with the following bylaw requirements:

  • Home occupation must not involve any internal or external structural alterations–structures, fences, enclosures, etc.–to the principal building. There should be no outward indication that the building is being used for any purpose other than a dwelling.
  • The premises must not be used for manufacturing, welding or any other light industrial use. The site must not produce noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odour, litter or heat other than that normally associated with a dwelling unit, nor create or cause any fire hazard, electrical interference, excessive pedestrian or vehicular traffic in the common areas or parking areas of a multi-family building or on the street.
  • There shall be no external storage of materials, containers or finished products.
  • No stock in trade should be kept or handled and no commodity sold on the premises.
  • Home businesses must not involve mechanical equipment, except when used in purely private domestic and household or recreational hobbies.
  • Individuals who don't reside at the address can't be employed in the home-based business.

No commercial vehicle, truck, bus, contractors equipment, dismantled or wrecked automobile, trailer or any similar vehicle, conveyance, craft or equipment shall be parked or stored in the open in R1 to R12, or RM (residential) Districts, except the following which may be parked or stored in the rear yard only:

  • One truck or commercial vehicle not exceeding 4500 kg.
  • Trucks, commercial vehicles or equipment required for the construction, repair, servicing or maintenance of the premises.
  • Any dismantled or wrecked vehicle for not more than 30 successive days. See the Burnaby Zoning Bylaw for information on the parking or storage of recreational vehicles and boats.

Inter-municipal business licence

An IMBL allows eligible businesses (including home-based businesses) to work in the participating municipalities with a single licence instead of applying for a separate one in every city.

Questions and answers

An IMBL costs an additional $250 annually.

An IMBL's validity matches your municipal business licence.

You must be a Burnaby-based business with an existing approved licence to apply.

Submit your application to the:

Licence Office
4949 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 1M2

You will still need to apply for a municipal business licence from your home municipality and a license for each fixed and permanent location you may have.

An IMBL is only valid within the 5 participating municipalities. If you want to operate in a non-participating municipality, contact the business licence office in that municipality for more information.

  • you save time and money and can quickly expand into new markets
  • residents have more contractors and service providers to choose from
  • municipalities can provide better customer service

A copy of the current IMBL must be available upon request at each work location. You must present any required certification when requesting a permit at any of the participating municipalities.

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