Diversity & Inclusion

The City values its diverse communities and groups and their contributions to Burnaby

We celebrate the full diversity of our community and recognize that this diversity is a source of social, cultural and economic enrichment and strength. Our City includes all community members regardless of ability, age, background, ethno-cultural identification, gender, gender identity, immigration status, income, heritage, life experience, housed or unhoused status and sexual orientation.

Burnaby is a richly diverse community and is one of the few Canadian cities without a majority ethnic group. Burnaby residents speak over 120 languages and over half of those who live here weren't born in Canada.

We engage and collaborate with our residents, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure our City is safe, inclusive and welcoming of everyone.

Explore some of the ways we achieve this:

Indigenous peoples - truth and reconciliation

We're committed to pursuing truth and reconciliation. We do that by building relationships with local First Nations and exploring ways to make Burnaby a welcoming and safe place for Indigenous community members.


Burnaby is an inclusive and diverse city that welcomes two-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, asexual/aromantic/agender, plus community members.

Access and inclusion

We're committed to providing accessible, inclusive and meaningful programs, services and opportunities for everyone in the community, including persons with disabilities and others with access and inclusion support needs.

Intercultural policies and initiatives

We celebrate the full diversity of our community and welcome everyone.

Reconciliation with the Chinese Canadian Community

Burnaby City Council has approved a process to review, acknowledge and apologize for its historic discrimination against people of Chinese descent, with the goal of advancing reconciliation with the Chinese Canadian community.

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