Improving Accessibility

Walking or wheeling in our parks and facilities

Accessible facilities, parks and trails allow us all to participate in our chosen activity, regardless of physical challenges.

Our Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) department is always looking for ways to improve everyone's recreational experience–whether it's building wider, smooth-surfaced paths and trails, barrier free entries to our facilities, accessible washrooms and change rooms or adapted equipment–we've made upgrading and introducing new features a priority.

Improved access in our parks

PRCS follows the principles of universal design–when something is universally designed, it can be used easily by everyone. For example, the curved 4-metre wide asphalt urban trail at Willingdon Linear Park is accessible to everyone–with a lane for pedestrians, people with strollers or walkers and wheelchair users–and a separate lane for cyclists.

Our major Burnaby parks include an accessibility section that shows the most up-to-date information about each location's amenities–washrooms, parking, trails and features to ensure you know what to expect when you visit.

You can view the Accessible Park Locator that includes amenities information for all of Burnaby's parks Click on a park you're interested in and an information box will pop up, telling you which of these accessible amenities, characteristics and equipment are available at that site. We are updating this map regularly.

Park amenities

All of our parks with washroom facilities include accessible washrooms.

All of our parks and facilities have space designated for accessible parking.

There is a summer pilot program at Barnet Marine Park that enables you to book an accessible stall in advance–Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm, excluding stat holidays.

A number of our major parks and trails have are wide, flat and smooth surfaced for easy wheeling, walking and running. They include trails at:

Our water and play areas have some adapted playground equipment as listed below. Our 9 summertime spray pads have rubberized surfaces with gently sloped edges that make it easily accessible for wheelchairs–adding a wonderful element of fun for accessible and integrated play.

Move barrier-free on a firm, stable and level surface from the parking area or sidewalk to our outdoor courts or enclosed dog off-leash areas. The entry gates are wider for easier navigation with a wheelchair or stroller and the gate latches are placed lower so they can easily be opened and closed with one hand.

Enclosed off-leash areas have double gate vestibule entries. 

Note: turn on the filter for Off-Leash Dog Features.

Please note that unenclosed off-leash areas typically aren't as accessible as the locations noted here.

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Improved access and equipment at indoor facilities

Our Burnaby Access guidebook offers an interactive map of our City Hall Complex, indicating where there are designated accessible washrooms and designated parking stalls.

Our recreation facilities and arts and culture facilities webpages all feature an accessibility section that include the accessible amenities at each location.

Find these types of accessible amenities and equipment at our arts, culture and recreation facilities and parks.
Amenities Characteristics Adapted equipment
  • parking
  • washroom facilities
  • changerooms
  • benches and picnic tables
  • bookable picnic areas
  • water-fountains
  • playground features
  • scenic lookouts


  • firm, minimally graded, and wide pathway surfaces that are clear of trip hazards
  • frequent rest areas with benches
  • barrier-free entries
  • guard rails
  • wheelchair ramps



  • aquatic wheelchair
  • pool lift
  • adjustable change table

Weight room

  • stationary bicycle with hand pedals


  • wheelchair accessible pottery wheel

Play equipment

  • disc swings
  • play structures


  • picnic tables and shelters
  • two-way seating

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