Outdoor Courts

Grab your racquet or paddle for a round of tennis or pickleball at our outdoor courts

Our courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so there's no booking required for casual games of tennis or pickleball. Thank you in advance for following our posted etiquette rules when you're on the courts.

The City has specific court locations which may be available for tournament bookings. To request a booking, please complete the following application and submit to [email protected]

Court hours

  • Courts without lights are open 7:30 am until dusk.
  • Courts with lights are open 7:30 am-10 pm.
  • Courts are open year-round, weather dependent.

Central Park tennis courts 1-4 are closed for maintenance, reopening spring 2024. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Court locations

If you're looking for indoor tennis courts, please visit Cameron Recreation Complex.

Park name Number and type of courts Lights Practice walls

Bonsor Park

2 Tennis & 6 Pickleball*



Brentwood Park

2 Tennis



Broadview Park

3 Tennis


Burnaby Heights Park

1 Tennis
12 Pickleball (5 shared courts / 7 stand-alone)



Burnaby Lake Sports Complex

17 Tennis


Burnaby South Memorial Park

3 Tennis



Cariboo Park

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*



Cariboo Hill School Park - Sports Box 6 Pickleball**    

Central Park
Closed for maintenance (reopening spring 2024)

12 Tennis

Confederation Park

3 Tennis & 10 Pickleball*



David Gray Park

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*


East Grove Park

1 Tennis & 1 Pickleball*



Edmonds Park

2 Tennis & 4 Pickleball*



Ernie Winch Park

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*



Forest Grove Park

3 Tennis
9 Pickleball (8 shared courts / 1 stand-alone)



Kensington Park

3 Tennis & 3 Pickleball*



Keswick Park

2 Tennis & 6 Pickleball*



Lou Moro Park (formerly Westridge Park)

2 Tennis & 8 Pickleball*


Mary Avenue Park

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*



Maywood School Site

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*



Robert Burnaby Park

3 Tennis & 10 Pickleball*


Ron McLean Park

3 Tennis



Squint Lake Park

4 Tennis
12 Pickleball (4 stand-alone / 4 shared courts)


Stoney Creek Park

2 Tennis & 2 Pickleball*



Willingdon Heights Park

4 Tennis

*These courts are shared and lined with both tennis and pickleball match boundaries.

**These courts are shared and lined with both lacrosse and pickleball match boundaries.

Tennis and pickleball hours (pilot project)

We've set designated times for tennis and pickleball at Keswick and Bonsor Parks. If no player is on the court during the dedicated sport time, either sport may play. However, if players of the dedicated sport arrive, the court must be vacated. 

  • Monday and Wednesday
    • 8 am to noon: Tennis 
    • 5 pm to dusk: Pickleball 
  • Tuesday and Thursday
    • 8 am to noon: Pickleball 
    • 5 pm to dusk: Tennis
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • First come, first served. 


Pickleball courts are available on a first come, first served basis. There's no fee and no advanced booking required, but please bring your own equipment.

Please bring your own portable pickleball nets. Your portable nets can be set up while permanent tennis nets are still in place.

We will no longer be distributing pickleball lockbox keys. If you have questions, please contact us at 604-294-7222.

Court etiquette and rules

  • City of Burnaby sport lessons and allotments have priority
  • The maximum court time is 30 minutes, if others are waiting to play. No additional time can be added if you substitute players.
  • Practice time is included in your 30-minute allotted playing time.
  • 2-4 players must be present and wait facing the court to claim it.
  • Avoid interfering with play on the courts that are either side of yours.
  • Appropriate conduct and language is expected.
  • Please use non-marking shoes and equipment.
  • Other sport activities like rollerblading, skateboarding, scootering, ball hockey and cycling aren't permitted on the courts.
  • Dogs either on-leash or off-leash aren't allowed on the courts at any time.
  • If these court rules aren't followed, the courts may be closed.
  • Use caution if it's been raining or snowing–the court surface may be slippery when wet or icy.

Please report any maintenance issues:

Phone: 604-294-7206
Email: [email protected]

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