Gardens & Flower Displays

Enjoy stunning floral displays on our boulevards and in our parks–and visit our public gardens to experience Burnaby’s best blooms.

Century Gardens

Century Gardens is the single best place in the city to admire and celebrate Burnaby’s official flower, the rhododendron.

Location: 6344 Deer Lake AveDeer Lake Park

Directions: Century Gardens is beside Ceperley House, home of the Burnaby Art Gallery

Millennium Garden

Burnaby marked the dawn of the new millennium by creating a special garden at City Hall–and then dedicating it to all citizens.

Location: 4949 Canada Way

Directions: Millennium Garden is located on the north side of Burnaby City Hall 

Eagles Estate Heritage Garden

Constructed in 1929 on the southeast shore of Deer Lake, Eagle Estate Garden is a magical 0.7 hectare (1.6 acre) retreat designed by Canadian horticulturist Frank E. Buck.

Location: 5655 Sperling Avenue

Directions: this garden is on the southeast shore of Deer Lake Park

Centennial Rose Garden

The Centennial Rose Garden on Burnaby Mountain features over 900 rose bushes with wonderfully fragrant and colourful buds for you to enjoy.

Location: 100 Centennial Way, Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

Directions: from Lougheed Highway, turn north on Gaglardi Way to Centennial Way. 

Flower displays

You'll find flowers in glorious bloom across the city from late May to September. Our horticulture staff designs and maintains these beautiful displays on our boulevards, in front of our facilities and around our parks for your enjoyment.

Our unique gardens

Burnaby's Eco-sculptures

Discover these unique art forms that blend art and nature to form beautiful, living sculptures in parks across Burnaby.

Working Gardens

Community gardens in Burnaby

While they're not part of our public garden and flower displays where visitors are welcome, we like to highlight Burnaby's working gardens. Managed by non-profit community groups, these gardens provide an important service to communities. Local residents have a place to grow food and share their experience and knowledge–all while building a welcoming, safe community.

Pollinator corridors

Burnaby is partnering with the City of Vancouver to seed a number of medians on Boundary Road with wildflowers and less-frequently mowed grasses. Once grown in, this corridor will be a continuous pollinator-friendly route for bees and butterflies from the Fraser River to Burrard Inlet. This pollinator corridor will help to combat the loss of biodiversity in our community by providing a habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, expanding their range through our City and helping to keep our parks, gardens, and natural spaces healthy and beautiful. Longer grasses help soil hold water and stay cooler through the summer, and protect trees from drought. Our crews will continue to maintain the medians, trimming important areas to maintain visibility for road traffic, and ensuring hydrants and other structures are easily accessible by emergency services. The flower species on our pollinator corridors include: 

  • Clarkia amoena (also called farewell-to-spring or godetia)
  • Coreopsis tinctoria (also called plains coreopsis or calliopsis)
  • Linaria maroccana (also called annual toadflax)
  • Nemophila maculata (also called fivespot)

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