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Get some fresh air while exploring the outdoors

Walk along the peaceful shore path at Barnet Marine Park, hike the rugged trails of Burnaby Mountain or bike the Central Valley Greenway from Vancouver, through Burnaby to New Westminster.

About our trails and urban pathways

Our trails and pathways range from those with paved and maintained gravel surfaces in urban areas to rocky and root-filled paths in natural environments. Many of our trails have learning objectives so be sure to look for posted information and learn about the natural environment and park history surrounding you.

We also rate our walking, hiking and biking trails by their level of difficulty on maps and signage.

  • Easy–relatively flat with only gentle inclines and maintained trail surfaces.
  • Medium–mostly flat but with some hills up to a 10% incline. These trails are more likely to be gravel or dirt.
  • Difficult–some lengthy steep sections, with narrower, rugged paths. We recommend you wear sturdy footwear if you're walking and proper gear if you're biking. These trails are set in natural environments mostly in the Burnaby Mountain area, so be prepared for weather changes whether on bike or on foot.

Between September 25 and October 13, culvert repair work will be occurring on the Central Valley Greenway along Beecher and Crab-Apple creeks (between Douglas Road and Sperling Avenue). During the repair work, cyclists must dismount to continue along the trail and follow the crossing instructions of the on-site traffic management personnel. 

Explore our routes

Burnaby has more than 70 km of bike routes and urban trails and pathways that connect Burnaby from north to south, east to west and to our neighbouring cities. Take a greener commute or walk your way to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Best of all, many of our parks are close to SkyTrain stations and bus stops, making it easy for you to walk or cycle to your trail or pathway.

Download the Burnaby Bike Map

Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area Trails

Take an exhilarating daytime hike up Burnaby Mountain or visit at dusk to see a dramatic sunset over the mountains, the inlet and our city.

Central Valley Greenway

The Central Valley Greenway runs from Vancouver through Burnaby to New Westminster—giving you the chance to enjoy Metro Vancouver’s beautiful urban and natural spaces by bike or foot.

BC Parkway and Highland Park Line

Take a stroll or ride along Metro Vancouver’s original recreational bike and pedestrian route. You can venture all the way from the Westminster Quay riverfront across Burnaby to False Creek in Vancouver.

Rumble Street Urban Trail

Stay active on this multi-use urban trail, connecting McKay Ave and Royal Oak Ave in southwest Burnaby.

Willingdon Linear Park

Walk, ride or run along this scenic urban trail and enjoy engaging public art along the way. This 13 block linear parkway runs along Willingdon Ave between Brentwood Town Centre and Hastings St.

Central Park Perimeter Trail

Completed in the spring of 2021, the third section of the Central Park Perimeter Trail runs along Imperial St–a welcome addition to trail’s first section along Boundary Rd and the second section along Patterson Ave. The fourth and final section will be opening Spring 2023.

Trans Canada Trail 

The Burnaby portion of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) is a 12.1-kilometre route incorporating a number of trails crossing the city along its northern fringe–from Barnet Highway in the east to Montrose Park near Boundary Road in the west.

Visit our neighbours

Check out bike and walking route information for our neighbouring cities in Greater Vancouver.

Transportation projects

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