Central Park Perimeter Trail

The fire danger rating is high at Burnaby parks, beaches, trails and outdoor spaces. Learn more about allowed and restricted activities.

The most comfortable trail in Metro Vancouver

The Central Park Perimeter Trail is one of the longest continuous rubberized tracks for walking and running in Metro Vancouver. The 3.5 kilometre perimeter trail outlines the 213-acre (86 hectare) Central Park, one of Burnaby’s largest parks, and connects to the BC Parkway.

Unlike traditional asphalt tracks, the Central Park Perimeter Trail is designed with nature in mind. The rubberized track is gentle on the roots of nearby trees and allows water to pass through. Abundant trees along the route provide some shade during the day and lighting throughout provides more comfort and enhances safety after dark. 

Host your walk/run fundraiser on our Central Park trails

We invite community groups to host fundraising runs and walks on the Trail of Hope in Central Park's interior forest and the Central Park Perimeter trail that runs along the edge of the park–both routes are featured on the Central Park trail maps. To learn more please call 604-294-7450.

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