Operating a Business in Burnaby

Everything you need to start, run and maintain your business in Burnaby—from places to do business to permits and licences.

Why start a business in Burnaby?

Burnaby is a vibrant city in the geographic centre of Metro Vancouver. As BC's third-largest city, it's a hub for business, has a diverse local economy, skilled workforce and is home to many knowledge-based companies that are part of the green economy. Burnaby offers many business options, including street-front stores, large business campus locations and urban office towers.

Business in Burnaby by the numbers

  • 4 town centres
  • 13 urban villages
  • 16 business centres
  • 13,000+ businesses
  • 125,000+ workers
  • 148,000+ jobs

Places to do business

Burnaby is organized by quadrants, each with its town centre—Brentwood, Lougheed, Edmonds and Metrotown. Town centres accommodate approximately 48% of our dwelling unit growth and 52% of commercial development, making them great locations to do business.

Burnaby’s characterful urban villages are similar to our town centres but on a smaller scale. The close-knit nature of our 13 urban villages makes them a focal point for close-to-home commercial facilities and services.

Burnaby is also home to 16 high-amenity business centres in select industrial areas across the city. Each includes different combinations of offices, light and specialized manufacturing and research and development facilities.

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Where to locate your business

Find out which of our town centres is the best fit for your business.


Brentwood is home to different services and amenities with some of the finest shopping, dining and culture in Metro Vancouver.


Lougheed town centre in northeast Burnaby features several shops and services and is now Canada’s largest master-planned community.


Close to the New Westminster border in southeast Burnaby, Edmonds comprises residential high-rises, office towers, popular restaurants and retail outlets.


Metrotown is Burnaby's downtown and the only regional town centre, featuring extensive shopping, entertainment, hotel, residential high-rises and office spaces. It also offers excellent public transit and highway access.

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Starting a business in Burnaby?

Active Patio Program

Businesses in Burnaby—Apply to add outdoor seating or expand into outdoor spaces.

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Helpful resources

  • Find the latest bid opportunities, read vendor information and learn about our living wage program.
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  • Our award-winning strategy for improving Burnaby's economy aims to make Burnaby smarter, prosperous and sustainable.
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