Rumble Street Urban Trail

Due to extremely dry conditions and the high fire risk, the following bans are now in effect until further notice: 

No barbecues at Burnaby parks and beaches

The use of barbecues (charcoal/briquette/wood) at City of Burnaby parks and beaches is now prohibited. Propane barbecues are permitted. 

No smoking in Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces

The City of Burnaby advises all park users that there is no smoking permitted in Burnaby parks, trails and green spaces. "No Smoking" signs are posted throughout the City. 

Freedom to move on this multi-use urban trail

The Rumble Street Urban Trail is one more link in Burnaby’s growing urban trail network. It’s helping us achieve our City’s Corporate Strategic Plan to create a connected and healthy community where people can move easily through all areas of Burnaby and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

Burnaby now has more than 70 kilometres of urban trails, with plans to create or upgrade more routes. Walkers, joggers, cyclists and people who use mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers can reach their destinations via safe, wide, beautiful trails that are easy to access and separated from traffic.

The Rumble St multi-use urban trail features:

  • improved drainage for environmental and flood protection
  • boulevards and trees that beautify the street
  • traffic safety measures to further protect Rumble St trail users
  • LED street lights with lower energy use
  • new, smooth pavement
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Phase 3 of the Rumble Street Urban Trail between McKay Ave and Royal Oak Ave was completed in late 2018.

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