Central Valley Greenway

The fire danger rating is high at Burnaby parks, beaches, trails and outdoor spaces. Learn more about allowed and restricted activities.

Follow the path–from Vancouver, through Burnaby to New Westminster

Hop on your bike or put on your walking shoes and visit one of the region’s most popular destinations. The Central Valley Greenway (CVG) is a 24-kilometre path connecting Vancouver, Burnaby and downtown New Westminster. It follows a shallow valley, providing a scenic route that's relatively flat for an enjoyable bike ride or walk for people of all ages.

Download the BC Parkway and Central Valley Greenway map

In Burnaby, the Greenway brings you close to natural areas and recreational facilities. At Burnaby Lake Regional Park, the CVG divides into a bicycle route and a pedestrian route. The walking route connects to an 11-kilometre pedestrian only loop–a fantastic place to view birds like great blue herons, bald eagles, belted kingfishers and ospreys.

On the Greenway Trail, you'll pass by Burnaby Lake Regional Park amenities like the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, Rowing Pavilion, Equestrian Centre and Nature House. CVG has links to Millennium Line SkyTrain stations within Burnaby. So you can ride or take your bike on board (non-rush hours) and turn your trek along the CVG into an even longer journey.

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