Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

Help reduce the risk of fire this summer

The fire danger rating is high at Burnaby parks, beaches, trails and outdoor spaces. Only CSA-approved propane/gas barbecues and cooking stoves are allowed. You must stay with the barbecue or stove at all times while using it.

Learn more about restricted activities at Burnaby.ca/FireSafety

Home to bald eagles, kingfishers, osprey and more—Burnaby Lake is a must visit for birdwatchers

This regional park, right in the heart of Burnaby, is a place to reconnect with the natural world without leaving the city. The area is a stunning wildlife sanctuary where birdwatchers regularly spot great blue herons and rarer birds like the green-backed heron.

About Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park

Burnaby Lake was created by a glacier 12,000 years ago. Traditionally a critically important site for Coast Salish gathering, processing and transportation activities, a century ago its shores were home to bustling sawmills. Today, a viewing tower on that same shore provides a bird's-eye view for spotting wildlife. Or you can view the lake from your canoe or kayak to get an up-close look at busy beavers, diving ducks and turtles feeding in the marsh.

Keeping Burnaby's waterways healthy

The City of Burnaby keeps an eye on the health of our waterways. We’re joined in this vital mission by the Pacific Streamkeepers, the volunteer organization dedicated to saving critically important watersheds through public education and community clean-up projects. Their efforts to stock depleted streams with cut-throat trout and coho and chum salmon have been an ecological triumph of no small measure.

What you need to know

  • Please stay to the right when walking or running on trails and pass others on the left.
  • Decomposing plant life and water-quality fluctuation limit swimming opportunities in urban lakes across North America. Burnaby Lake is no exception. Instead, try one of our 8 indoor and outdoor swimming pools at recreational facilities across the city.
  • Keep your dog leashed in all areas of the park, including the trails. Dogs aren't allowed in the picnic areas. Thank you in advance for immediately picking up your dog's waste and properly disposing of it.
  • View our Wildlife in Burnaby page so you know what to do if you see a coyote, bear or a cougar on the trail.
  • Enjoy clean air at your favourite public park. Smoking has been banned in all City parks and multi-use paths since January 1, 2022. 
  • Drinking alcohol is not permitted at this location under the Alcohol in Burnaby Parks program.


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Burnaby Lake–the park's namesake, along with Deer Lake, is situated in the central heart of the city and home to resident populations of blue herons, turtles and beavers. You might glimpse them as you walk, wheel or run on the trails that circle the lake.

Visit the north shore of the lake for a picnic at Cariboo Dam or to check out the Nature House.

This interpretive centre is open summer weekends for nature classes and displays, providing fun learning experiences for children and families.

A viewing tower near Piper Spit on the north shore provides a bird's-eye view for spotting wildlife.

The Nature Park has a selection of walking, hiking, cycling and equestrian trails (in the southeast corner by the Burnaby Lake Equestrian Centre, and along the highway trail). The 11-kilometre hiking trail goes all the way round the perimeter of Burnaby Lake, with boardwalks–especially along the south shore–and additional looping trails. It's relatively flat and well-maintained.

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Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park has wheelchair accessible parking spots and washrooms.

Visitor information

General inquiries

[email protected]

Park hours

Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park is open from dawn 'til dusk year-round.


4519 Piper Ave, Burnaby
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There's parking at the Piper Ave entrance.

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