Water & Play Features

Closed for the season

Spray parks, wading pools and playmobile are over for the season. Thanks for a great summer! Check back next summer for 2024 schedules.

What's more fun than a sunny day at our outdoor water and play features?

Watch your little ones splash around at the spray park, play in the sun-heated wading pool, scramble around in our structured play areas or enjoy hands-on fun art activities. 

Gentle grading around our wet and dry play areas makes it easy to walk or roll in.

See what's happening at a play area near you:

Spray parks operate on a push-button system from 9 am-9 pm, beginning the Victoria Day weekend in May until end of September.

Cameron Park
(closes at 8 pm)
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Central Park Get directions
Charles Rummel Park Get directions
Confederation Park Get directions
Edmonds Park Get directions
Ernie Winch Park Get directions
Keswick Park  Get directions
Rene Park Get directions
Suncrest Park Get directions
New! Wesburn Park Get directions

Sun-heated wading pools and park activities are open when a playground leader is on site. Wading pool fill times vary and can take up to 30 minutes after park activities begin. Pools also begin to drain 30 minutes before park activities end.  

Playmobile visits neighbourhoods throughout Burnaby during the summer, bringing fun to you and your family. Enjoy imagination playground blocks, giant games, story time and more.

Playmobile is over for the 2023 season. See you next summer! 

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