Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

Come down to the riverside for a relaxing walk or an invigorating outdoor workout

Located on the north arm of the mighty Fraser, our riverfront park is home to meadows, marshes, creeks and animal habitats. Watch tugboats, barges and log booms make their way down the river.

About Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

Walk your dog, try outdoor fitness circuit training or wander along the accessible paths. This riverside park also has a large picnic area next to the playground, 2 volleyball courts and lookout piers to view the working river.


Picnic areas are available for casual dining and to reserve for large or small gatherings.

For more information or if you're interested in booking a group, visit our picnic sites webpage.

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The trails within the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park are good for all skill levels on foot or on wheels. The wide, paved pathways are accessible for wheelchairs and other mobility devices on wheels:

  • 1.5 metre-wide asphalt path from Byrne Rd parking lot east to Tillicum St
  • 4 metre-wide multi-use paved trail from Tillicum St west to Glenlyon Parkway where it connects with the Glenlyon urban trail
  • 4 metre-wide multi-use paved trail from Glenlyon Parkway to Boundary Rd

Located at Byrne Road and Fraser Park Drive, our park's free outdoor fitness circuit offers 12 workout stations for total-body fitness with equipment for aerobic, muscular strength, core and balance/flexibility exercises. Plus, it’s accessible at any time of day–perfect for those with hectic schedules and little free time.

The outdoor volleyball courts are located behind the group picnic sites, just west of the Byrne Road - Fraser Park Drive parking lot.

Take the wheel aboard the riverside pirate ship in the children's playground. There are washrooms located beside the playground.

Note: An additional new washroom is in the works, and will be located at the east end of the fitness circuit.

The off-leash area is the open lawn area between the main paved trail and Mountbatten St, and between Byrne Road and Byrne Creek. The off-leash trail runs along the Byrne Creek dike.

There is an unpaved parking lot at the off-leash area that you can access from Byrne Road at Mountbatten St, just before the bend onto Fraser Park Drive.

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  • 4 designated parking stalls in the paved parking lot–enter from Fraser Park Dr at the foot of Byrne Rd


2 paved asphalt trails:

  • 1.5 metre-wide asphalt path from Byrne Rd parking lot east to Tillicum St
  • 4 metre-wide paved multi-use path from Tillicum St west to Glenlyon Parkway where it connects with the Glenlyon urban trail
  • on-street parking at each end of the trail
  • benches, seating areas and picnic tables located along the route

Picnic and Play Areas

  • accessible play structure located adjacent to the Byrne Rd - Fraser Park Dr
  • accessible covered picnic tables located in the shaded woodland to the west of Byrne Rd near the playground


  • accessible washrooms located beside playground

Dike Upgrade at Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

We're safeguarding the public, businesses and infrastructure by continuing to upgrade our diking system to meet a 1:200 water-level standard*. A 900-metre section of the Fraser River Dike in Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park was completed in 2021. Known as Reach 8, it extends from Glenlyon Creek to Byrne Creek. This was the last major section of dike to be upgraded along Burnaby’s 7-kilometre Fraser River frontage.

* 1:200 means a 200-year flood event statistically occurs on average once every 200 years or has a 0.5 percent chance of occurring in any given year.

As part of the project, hundreds of new trees and shrubs have been planted, and new nursery areas and year-round habitats have been created for salmonids. Crews installed a tidally influenced floodbox, which provides salmon and trout with access to a channel connected to Glenlyon Creek, allowing the fish to use the channel for refuge and other habitat needs.

And fish aren’t the only ones who benefit from this project. Visitors can now enjoy a 4-km multi-use path from Boundary Road in the west to the eastern end of Fraser Park Drive.

Burnaby’s lowland area adjacent to the Fraser River is largely protected by river and shoreline dikes, pump stations and flood boxes, but could be at risk for flooding if water levels exceed these protective barriers. The City has a Flood Response Plan prepared to deploy temporary dikes and AquaDams (temporary water-filled barriers which can control and divert water), sandbags, and other measures for additional protection.

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The City of Burnaby keeps an eye on the health of our waterways. We’re joined in this vital mission by the Pacific Streamkeepers, the volunteer organization dedicated to saving critically important watersheds through public education and community clean-up projects. Their efforts to stock depleted streams with cut-throat trout and coho and chum salmon have been an ecological triumph of no small measure.

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Park hours

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park is open from dawn 'til dusk year-round.


7751 Fraser Park Dr, Burnaby
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At the foot of Byrne Rd and Fraser Park Dr in south Burnaby.


The parking lot is at the foot of Byrne Rd–enter from Fraser Park Dr, with additional parking available on the street.

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