Fire Safety Plans

Keeping you and your family safe during and after a fire and other emergencies is our priority

A fire safety plan contains information and safety procedures for building owners, occupants and responding firefighters to deal with emergencies. Fire safety plans required by the British Columbia Fire Codes section 2.8 and section 5.6 are based on building use or occupancy types and significantly increase safety within a structure.

The Burnaby Fire Department requires a fire safety plan and a pre-incident plan. These documents link to the fire apparatus computer helping the incident commander make quick and precise decisions that save lives.

Burnaby fire department requirements

  1. All fire safety plans must follow the Fire Safety Plan guidelines. Email 4 separate pdfs, including the application form (linked below), fire safety plan, vital information form and the pre-incident plan to [email protected] for review.
  2. Pre-incident plans are different from the plans submitted in the fire safety plan. Use our fire safety plan symbols (linked below) in both pre-incident and fire safety plan drawings.
  3. The owner or owner's agent has 60 days per Section 23 (page 6) of the City of Burnaby Fire Services Bylaw No. 11860 from the completion of new construction or renovation to submit a fire safety plan to the fire chief. You must also complete the "Appointed Fire Safety Director" form after your training. The fire safety plan designer must sign the form.
  4. Fire safety plans for demolition and construction sites are a must for all projects in Burnaby. You can find additional information on demolition and construction fire safety plans in the 2013 Emergency Management BC Bulletin.
  5. All buildings requiring a fire safety plan must install a fire safety plan box (FSPB). FSPB must be a padlock type with a spare lock inside and labelled "Fire Safety Plan" on the front of the box. See sample fire safety plan box. Contact the Fire Department regarding the installation location.
  6. If the department has asked you—as a property owner—to update or review your fire safety plan, you must submit a letter of intent via a qualified company before the re-inspection date.

Pre-incident plan

A pre-incident plan is a valuable tool that helps firefighters respond and control an emergency effectively. The plan ensures the safety of responding personnel by detailing site and floor plans with specific property and building information.

Fee schedule

  • Low rise buildings (under 6 stories) - $159.60: new construction, renovation and demolition construction.
  • High rise buildings (over 6 stories) - $318.68: new construction, renovation and demolition construction.
  • Revisions to existing fire safety plan - No charge: to qualify, the same company must submit the plan within 10 years of the last submission.

The fee includes GST charges.


If you're designing fire safety plans for Burnaby buildings, you must use the symbols provided by the department. Click the button below to download the collection of symbols saved as a .zip file. Once saved to your device, right click the zip file to extract the individual files for each symbol.

Download symbols

Charges for fire safety plan review

We review fire safety plans once we receive the full payment. You can pay via mail or in-person using cash or cheque.

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