Supporting youth

Preventing youth from engaging with the dangerous gang and gun lifestyle

Learn more about the myths, risks and resources available to prevent youth from engaging in the dangerous gang and gun lifestyle. 

The following videos feature messaging from caring professionals with important information to help parents and caregivers understand why kids might get involved in the gang lifestyle, to understand what to look out for, and the community of support programs available to help youth thrive and meet their full potential. 

Myths vs. the reality of youth gang involvement

Youth involvement with the gang and gun lifestyle may look a lot different than you think. Learn from gang intervention experts to dispel myths and identify the warning signs. 

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Ghost guns, a growing concern

Increased accessibility of 3D printing technology has meant new challenges for keeping our youth safe from guns. Burnaby RCMP Gang Enforcement Team Constable Copp provides information on this threat and what parents and caregivers can do to help youth use this technology safely. If you have questions about legal gun ownership and registration, contact the Canadian Fire Arms Program.

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Mentoring and believing in our youth 

Preventing youth gang involvement starts long before problems occur. In this video, dedicated staff from Burnaby Recreation Services describe ways to help youth thrive and the programs available. 

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Girls in gangs, the risks 

The risk factors and journey for girls joining gangs may look different than for boys. This video features work of Her Time Gang Prevention to help empower girls and teach them the life skills to thrive. 

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We're here to help: 

Youth and gang life: Understanding why kids get involved, what to look out for and ways to help 

We all do better when we have a sense of positive purpose and belonging. Children and youth who engage with the gang lifestyle are often missing important connections. Listen to the compelling personal story of a former female gang member. Learn more about the community of caring professionals and resources available to help youth find their purpose and belonging. 

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This information was made possible by funding from Public Safety Canada, Building Safer Communities Fund, Gang and Gun Violence Prevention Grant.  


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