Community Safety Plan

Our vision: Burnaby is a safe community for all

The Community Safety Plan is a strategic plan that provides a framework for working with all stakeholders to make decisions about community safety. It sets the course for the future, with pragmatic initiatives and actions for today.

To achieve our vision of a safer Burnaby community for all, the plan identifies enhanced, existing and new initiatives in 5 priority areas—community amenity safety, crime prevention and reduction, transportation safety, emergency services and emergency management.

More than 1,400 Burnaby residents contributed to this plan by participating in a public engagement process. Through meetings, workshops, kitchen-table conversations, pop-up events and an online survey, they were asked to envision what community safety should look and feel like in the future.

The plan is intended to be flexible to allow the City to continue to develop it over time. It will be updated annually with progress reports to the Public Safety Committee in the spring and to council in the summer. The plan will be evaluated on how well it continues to serve and guide future policies and initiatives.

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