Block Watch

Be a good neighbour and improve safety on your block

Block Watch is a free program run by the City of Burnaby Crime Prevention Unit to help prevent crime and nuisance activities in your neighbourhood. As part of this program, you'll watch out for your neighbours as they'll for you–and report any crime or suspicious activity to the police. Block Watch is a great way to reduce and prevent crime in your block.

Block Watch makes safety a priority and helps participants take a proactive approach toward preventing crime and other unwelcome activities.

This program has been active in Burnaby since 1988. Currently, we have 9,000 residents participating in the program.

Reduce crime in your area

An active Block Watch program can significantly lower crime in your area. It also provides:

  • increased connection with your neighbours
  • a sense of community and safety in your area
  • resources to make your home more secure
  • know-how to recognize and report suspicious activities
  • access to the latest crime trends and statistics
  • Block Watch street signs and stickers for your home

Become a Block Watch member

  • If your area has an active Block Watch, reach out to the Crime Prevention Unit at [email protected] or 604-294-7795 to participate.
  • If your block doesn't have an active Block Watch, you can start one by filling out a block watch team application form (linked below). You can also nominate yourself to be a captain or a co-captain.
  • Review the block watch team information package (linked below) for more details.

What will be my role?

  • If you're a captain or a co-captain, you're responsible for facilitating the program in your neighbourhood. You will recruit participants and be a liaison with the City of Burnaby Crime Prevention Unit.
  • If you're a Block Watch participant, you'll monitor your neighbourhood and report any suspicious activity to the police and your captain or co-captain. You'll maintain communication with your captain and attend Block Watch meetings.

Block Watch doesn't mean you have to:

  • patrol the neighbourhood
  • know everyone in your area personally
  • own your home–tenants can participate too

Workshops and presentations

Join us for our Safe Community Series, free information sessions on a variety of topics to help keep you informed on ways to stay safe. Stay informed on the latest trends in crime prevention and what to look out for. New information sessions are added each month.

To request training topics, email [email protected].

Have questions?

Call us at 604-294-7795 or email [email protected].

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