August 18: Planned Outage of Websites and Online Services for Maintenance

Posted August 17, 2018

On Saturday, August 18 from 2:00 AM - 5:00 AM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, the City's websites and online services will be intermittently unavailable while system maintenance is performed. We thank you for your patience.

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Welcome to the City of Burnaby’s Planning Department.

The Department functions to advise and support City Council in the orderly management of growth and development in the City by preparing land use plans, bylaws and policies and by managing application approval processes consistent with the approved plans, bylaws and policies. The department also focuses on the development of city-wide and long range planning policies and strategies to guide future community and social development in the City.

Applications & Forms

Approval Processes

Find information on the rezoning, subdivision and PPA processes
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Subdivision »
Preliminary Plan
Approvals (PPA) »

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

Learn how Burnaby works toward the protection and enhancement of our environment. 
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Heritage Planning

Heritage Planning

Learn about the City’s unique natural, cultural, archaeological and built heritage.
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Social Planning

Social Planning

Learn how Burnaby works to improve the social well-being and social development of the community and all Burnaby citizens.
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Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning

Find out how Burnaby plans for all types of transportation. 
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Fees & Development Cost

Fees & Development Cost Charges

Information on Burnaby’s fee schedule for development related costs.
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  • Community Development

    Community DevelopmentCommunity DevelopmentBurnaby’s long range policies and strategies—action plans for the future.

Electric Vehicles in Burnaby

  • Burnaby's Updated Tree Bylaw

    Pagelet TemplateMoreLearn about the changes approved February 17, 2014. 
  • Secondary Suites Program

    imageMoreLearn about the program.

  • Rezoning and Subdivision Servicing Agreement

    Pagelet TemplateMoreReview Engineering Department requirements and process.

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