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Career as a Burnaby Firefighter

Today's firefighter is a skilled, competent professional that can rise to meet any emergency. In our complex world, firefighting is not just another job. It is an employment opportunity that offers a challenging, demanding and rewarding career for both men and women.

Firefighters undergo continuous in-service training. Their job related duties, training and responsibilities include:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Prevention
  • Inspection
  • Public Fire Safety Education
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Operation of Fire Apparatus
  • Operation of Computers
  • Fire Hall and Apparatus Maintenance
  • Training Drills
  • Building Inspections
  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Fire Investigation
  • Rescue
  • Small Equipment
Recruit Class 2016

Are You What We Need?

The Burnaby Fire Department is actively seeking individuals interested in a career as a firefighter. Our ideal candidates:

  • Meet our Required and Recommended Qualifications
  • Are physically fit and well coordinated
  • Are honest, reliable and motivated
  • Are able to work well with others
  • Are willing and able to learn and improve
  • Demonstrate a deep sense of commitment and responsibility to serving the public

Please ensure you review and meet all the Required Qualifications before completing the application form. Information on the recruitment process can be found here.

A Rewarding Career

As a Burnaby Firefighter, you will learn teaching skills to educate the public and promote fire prevention and safety awareness throughout the community. Firefighters are frequently called upon to use their foresight, training and judgement to rescue others and protect themselves.

You will spend extended periods of time with the other firefighters at your station. A firefighter must be able to accept orders without questions and work effectively as an essential member of a team of professionals, be it when sharing routine maintenance chores at the station or providing back-up at the scene of an emergency.

In this City video, we wanted to highlight a few of the reasons we are so dedicated to our work. Take a look and see what being a City of Burnaby employee is all about.

  • Qualifications

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  • Recruitment Process

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  • Physical Ability Test

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