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Recruitment Process

The following is a basic outline of the recruitment process for the Burnaby Fire Department. Additional data may be collected and evaluated.

Please ensure you meet all the Required Qualifications before applying online when a firefighting position is posted.

Step 1: Application Review

  • Resumes are reviewed based on an applicant's successful completion of required and recommended qualifications.

Step 2: Interview for the Orientation Program

  • Short-listed applicants are invited to an interview.

Step 3: Successful completion of Criminal Records Search

** Prior to proceeding to the Orientation Program, applicants must submit medical clearance for the Physical Abilities Test (P.A.T.) ** to Human Resources.

  • Those candidates proceeding to the Orientation Program will have successfully completed the required Reference Checks.

Step 4: Orientation Program

  • Once the interviews are completed, those candidates proceeding to the Orientation Program will be notified and must have a Criminal Record Search completed and delivered to Human Resources.
The Orientation Program is completed over an 8-day period.

  • Days #1 and #2 - Scheduled on consecutive weekends, focus on an introduction to the Burnaby Fire Department and exposure to basic firefighting techniques.
  • Day #3 - Physical Activities Test (P.A.T.) Walkthrough
  • Day #4 - Physical Abilities Test (P.A.T.) Note: The candidate must successfully complete the P.A.T. before proceeding onto the Ride-Along portion of the Orientation Program.
  • Day #5 to #8 - Ride-Along portion of the Orientation Program.  During these four (4) days, participants report to the fire stations.  They are exposed to firefighting duties and techniques as determined by the Officer in Charge.

Successful completion of the Orientation Program is required before proceeding to the final steps.


  • Fire Chief's Interview
  • Human Resources will make arrangements for your medical exam which must be successfully completed.
  • Human Resources will make arrangements with you to complete your final Criminal Record Search at a City of Burnaby detachment.

Please note you may be released at any time during the Recruitment Process. Only those applicants being considered for an interview will be contacted.

    • Qualifications

      QualificationsMoreWhat do I need to become a firefighter?

    • Physical Ability Test

      Physical Ability TestMoreCan you do a firefighter's demanding physical tasks?
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