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Public Hearings

The Local Government Act requires that a Public Hearing be held before Council adopts an amendment to the zoning bylaw (referred to as a rezoning application) or official community plan. At least 10 days before the Public Hearing is held, a notice is sent to property owners and occupiers within a radius of 30 meters (100 ft.) of the subject property. In addition, a notice is published in two consecutive issues of a local newspaper.

At the Public Hearing, all persons who consider their interest in property affected by a proposed rezoning application, will be given an opportunity to present their views to Council. Council requests that speakers keep their comments to the subject of the proposed rezoning – specifically to land use only.

Prior to the start of the Public Hearing, all persons who would like to speak can put their names forward onto the speakers' list. At the Hearing, the Mayor will ask for speakers on the speakers' list to come forward to present their views. The Mayor will ask for additional speakers. Once he has called three times for speakers and no one has come forward the Public Hearing for that application will be terminated. 

Written submissions may also be submitted to Council before the Public Hearing and will be read into the official record. Please note that all correspondence submitted to the City of Burnaby will form part of the public record and will be published when this matter is before Council or a Committee of Council. The City considers the author’s address relevant to Council’s consideration of this matter and will disclose this personal information. However, the author’s phone number and email address are not required and should be omitted if the author does not wish this personal information disclosed.

Presentations or submissions must be received by Council before the Public Hearing for that application is terminated as Council is not permitted to receive or consider any further representations after termination.

Council will vote on second reading of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment at the next scheduled Council meeting. If Council supports second reading, the applicant will work with City staff to complete the rezoning requirements before Council grants consideration and third reading and final adoption of the bylaw. 

If Council does not support the bylaw at second reading, the bylaw may be defeated or Council may postpone its decision until further information is received from staff. Council may only receive information from staff and the information may only address issues raised at the Public Hearing.

Unless otherwise noted, all Public Hearings are held on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:00 PM in the Council Chamber, Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC.

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Search and view proceedings of Public Hearings, including meeting agendas, minutes and reports via:

For further information regarding the Public Hearing process, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 604-294-7290 or clerks@burnaby.ca.

For details about a specific application, contact the Planning and Building Department at 604-294-7400.

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