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Racquet Courts


Booking a Court

To book a court in advance with your Be Active Pass or court reservation card, call:

Bonsor Complex 604-297-4597  press 9 ext. 3228
Cameron Complex   604-297-4452
*Subject to Court Booking Policies.



Racquetball & Squash
45 minutes, price per person
  Adult Student (25 yrs & under with valid ID) / 65 +
  Drop-in $6.00 $4.48
  10 Visits $54.00 $40.30
Indoor Tennis
Cameron only, 60 minutes, price per court
Prime Time  
  All Ages    
  Drop-in  $22.40  
  10 Visits  $201.60  
Non-prime Time
M-F, opening-4pm
 Adult Student (25 yrs & under with valid ID) / 65 +
$20.67   $16.95
Racquet Rental  $2.00  
Wallyball $19.05  

Payment for Courts

Full payment for court bookings should be made prior to playing by BOTH players.

Payment can be made with a Be Active Pass, a Be Active Punchcard or with cash, debit or credit card. All parties paying for the courts will have their last names placed on the booking sheets. b active pass holders will be limited to two ½ court payments for primetime and two ½ court payments for non-primetime courts per day.

In Advance: With your Be Active Pass or court reservation card ($16.85 per year, valid at both complexes), you can reserve a court up to seven days in advance. No advance bookings by phone without one of these passes/cards.

Drop-in: Use your court reservation card and pay the court fee. Without a court reservation card or Be Active Pass, pay the $2.20 one-time booking fee plus the court fee. At Cameron Complex, you can book two courts per week per sport. Indoor tennis players at Cameron can book two non-prime times and two prime times per week (4 hours/courts per week). At Bonsor, you can book a maximum of two prime time courts per week and a maximum of two non-prime time courts per day.

Cancellations & Penalties: You can cancel a reservation without penalty if you give at least 24 hours’ notice. If you make a late court cancellation (and the court was not re-booked), you are charged cash for the court, or you can pay with one punch of your 10-visit pass. You will not be able to scan your unlimited pass for payment of a penalty.

Practice Courts: Call to arrange single-player practice court time for squash and racquetball (same-day bookings only). Regular court fees will be charged for all multiple-player court use.

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