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Outdoor Pools

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Outdoor Pools

Check out our opening dates below. Schedules are subject to change during poor weather. For up-to-date information, call 604-570-4000.

Central Park
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6110 Boundary Road |  Community Centre Map Icon  Map | Schedule

Now open!

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700 Hammarskjold Drive |  Community Centre Map Icon  Map | Schedule 

Now open!

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5485 Rumble Street |  Community Centre Map Icon  Map | Schedule

Now open!

Robert Burnaby
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8175 Wedgewood Street |  Community Centre Map Icon  Map | Schedule

Now open!

Please note: The  sun-heated wading pools at Kensington, MacPherson and Robert Burnaby are only opened when a playground leader is on-site. 

Children's Admissions Policy

Children 7 years of age and younger, or less than 48 inches or 122 centimetres in height, must be accompanied in the water by a person 16 years of age or older and be within arm's reach of that person at all times. The ratio of children to accompanying persons must be no greater than 3 to 1.

Mermaid Tails in Pools

The City of Burnaby requires the completion of an on-site swimming demonstration before using a mermaid tail in aquatic facilities and pools. A certificate will be issued after all of the criteria has been met and must be shown each time the tail is used. This demonstration can be completed during any public swim. The criteria includes:

  1. Demonstrate a 25 metre swim without the mermaid tail competently;
  2. Demonstrate a 25 metre swim with the mermaid tail competently;
  3. Demonstrate they can roll over from front to back with the mermaid tail;
  4. Demonstrate a surface support for 1 minute with arms only without wearing the mermaid tail.

Note: Children using a mermaid tail must still be accompanied by adult at all times as per City of Burnaby’s pool rules.