Asset Identification Drawing and Payment Requirements

Project submission requirements

Consultants must submit design and as-built drawings for assignments delivering City infrastructure assets. The designs and drawings must conform to the Asset Data Submission Standards for City capital projects. They must be based on Master Municipal Construction Documents (MMCD) and City standards and requirements, detailing the proposed changes to existing civil infrastructure within the project site.

What we need

Civil 3D Drawings with object data to illustrate and detail:

  • Assets the City intends to construct and retire at the tender phase
  • Assets that were constructed and retired at the construction phase

Progress payment documentation

  • City capital projects must comply with the prescribed format.
  • Construction costs must detail allocation by asset type and design number.
  • Submit detailed cost allocation for the pre-tender estimate, tender summary and progress payments.
  • When listing the Schedule of Quantities and Prices of the Tender Form, you may follow the Master Municipal Construction Documents principles. However, they must correlate to the tender summary and progress payments by asset type.
  • Submit the progress payment template for review at the beginning of the construction phase. These drawing and progress payment standards and templates are subject to changes or adjustments.

We will notify you of any upcoming changes.

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