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Buy City-owned land

The City actively buys and sells land to create and maintain sustainable land-based resources for the benefit of the Burnaby community now and in the future. We also acquire, sell and lease City-owned properties, buildings and lots and deal with negotiations of Community Benefit Bonus, rights of way and other land-related agreements.

We prepare bid packages to sell residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties via public tender. These packages include:

  • Information on the property up for sale.
  • Information about the open tender process and the start and end dates of the sale.
  • A declaration form stating that as a prospective purchaser, you're responsible for doing due diligence on current or proposed zoning, the integrity of the building's foundation, soil and drainage conditions and legal title.

Things to remember

  • The City prepares all the legal documentation for the sale.
  • We advertise the bid packages in newspapers, on our website and on the lot via signage.

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