Donate to Burnaby Parks

Honour a loved one by donating to their favourite Burnaby park

Your parks donations help us add amenities that you want and visitors will appreciate–and they reinforce our commitment to provide, preserve, and advocate for our parks and recreation facilities, for the benefit of all Burnaby residents, communities and the environment.

There are many reasons residents, organizations and businesses choose to donate to Burnaby parks. Often people want to honour a loved one, an organization sees a need that their funds could fulfil (like building play structures in a playground) or a business sees value in providing a corporate gift to create park amenities like picnic areas. The results benefit and beautify our treasured city parks for everyone.

Presenting Burnaby parks - our parks donation program

All donations go through our Parks Administration Office. Please contact our office if you are interested in making a donation request to Burnaby's parks.

If you have a specific idea for your donation, our Parks staff would be happy to discuss it with you. These are the items for donation that could benefit our parks.

  • park benches
  • picnic tables and/or picnic shelters
  • bike racks
  • drinking fountains
  • play structures for our children's play areas


We acknowledge all donations with a certificate of appreciation from the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission. For larger gifts like park benches, small bronze commemorative plaques are installed by request when feasible.

A tax deductible receipt in the amount of the gift will also be issued.

Ways to make your donation to Burnaby parks

A legacy gift or bequest is a gift with lasting meaning. More and more Canadians are discovering estate planning as another way to give to causes and programs they support.

Residents like the option of purchasing a park bench with a plaque inscribed with the name(s) commemorating the person or people being honoured. The plaque fits up to 40 characters.

Your favourite park may hold special meaning to you. We will honour your wishes and ensure your donation is directed to that location.

We will review your designated donation instructions to ensure it fits within our Presenting Burnaby Parks program. If approved we will apply your donation to that project or item.

Please contact us at 604-294-7450 to discuss your plan to donate.

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