Outstanding Citizen of the Year

Recognizing outstanding service to our community

The Kushiro Cup recognizes individuals who have volunteered their time and energy over the years to better our city. They are respected in their community and have shown remarkable spirit, positivity and leadership. They help Burnaby thrive and make it a great place to live, work and raise families. The award celebrates their contributions to culture, arts, recreation and other non-elected civic activities and is presented annually at a council meeting.

Candidates must:

  • Be a Burnaby resident.
  • Have volunteered in several community programs in Burnaby for at least 10 years.
  • Have positively influenced the community and the lives of its citizens.
  • Not be an elected official holding office.
  • Be nominated by at least 2 nominators who will submit a resume.


Nominations are now closed. Check back here in early 2022 for updates to nominate 2021's outstanding citizen.

Any community member can nominate an outstanding citizen by filling out an online application.

  • Explain in detail the nominee's contribution and impact on the community.
  • Send examples (videos, photos, news clippings, etc.) to support your nominee.

What makes an outstanding citizen?

All the past winners of the Kushiro Cup are from diverse backgrounds but share the common values of leadership, service and community.

2020 Outstanding Citizen Award

The 2020 award went to Simone Brandl for her leadership, passion and volunteerism, making a difference for many families and individuals in Burnaby.

The Kushiro Cup has been presented to Burnaby’s most outstanding citizen every year since 1982, when the cup was presented to the City by its sister city, Kushiro (Japan).

In the fall of 1982, Professor Takayoshi Makino, head of the Languages Department of the University of Hokkaido, accompanied 16 students from his English class to British Columbia for a five-day “Canadian Experience.” Professor Makino brought with him a trophy from Mayor Wanibuchi of Kushiro. Makino gave the trophy to Mayor Bill Lewarne, which has since been used each year to honour the contributions of our outstanding citizens. A similar cup is awarded annually in Kushiro and is called the Burnaby Cup.

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