Outstanding Volunteer Awards

Help us find outstanding Burnaby volunteers

The City of Burnaby recognizes individuals who show remarkable spirit, positivity and leadership by volunteering. Giving their time and energy to non-profit or community organizations to better our city, volunteers help support our goal of having a connected, inclusive and healthy community.

Do you know a dedicated volunteer? It could be someone who supports a local charity or community school, coaches a sports team or contributes to the arts, recreation or other activity. If so, nominate them for this year’s Outstanding Citizen award, or as one of our Local Heroes.

Award categories and criteria

1. Outstanding Citizen of the Year - Kushiro Cup (one award)

Candidates must:

  • be a Burnaby resident
  • have volunteered in several Burnaby community programs for at least 10 years
  • have positively influenced the community and the lives of its citizens
  • not be an elected official holding office
  • have the support of at least 2 nominators
  • have a resume submitted by nominators

2. Local Heroes (multiple awards)

Candidates must:

  • live, work or participate as a volunteer in Burnaby
  • have volunteered in their community for a combined minimum of 5 years through at least 2 volunteer activities
  • have the support of at least 2 nominators

Submit your nomination

Nominations closed on February 16, 2024. 

The winner of Outstanding Citizen of the Year and the Kushiro Cup will be announced in March and winners of Local Heroes will be announced in April. 

Past award recipients

The Kushiro Cup has been presented to Burnaby’s most outstanding citizen every year since 1982, when the cup was presented to the City by its sister city, Kushiro (Japan).

In the fall of 1982, Professor Takayoshi Makino, head of the Languages Department of the University of Hokkaido, accompanied 16 students from his English class to British Columbia for a five-day “Canadian Experience.” Professor Makino brought with him a trophy from Mayor Wanibuchi of Kushiro. Makino gave the trophy to Mayor Bill Lewarne, which has since been used each year to honour the contributions of our outstanding citizens. A similar cup is awarded annually in Kushiro and is called the Burnaby Cup.

All the past winners of the Kushiro Cup are from diverse backgrounds but share the common values of leadership, service and community.

2023: Len Soet
2022: Dennis Baker
2021: Mary Gates
2020: Simone Brandl
2019: Ruth Gautschi
2018: Laida Falsetto
2017: Douglas (Bill) Corson
2016: Jim & Lindy McQueen
2015: George Kawaguchi
2014: Elsie Dean
2013: Georgie Cole
2012: Lou Beaubien
2011: Kehar Singh Aujla
2010: Gloria Kravac
2009: Chris Hildred
2008: Ruby Johnson
2007: Gloria Inglis
2006: Nancy Thomas
2005: Dennis Brown
2004: Les Lee Lowe
2003: Cice Brown
2002: Grace Joe
2001: Pixie McGeachie
2000: Phil Henderson
1999: Keith Harris
1998: Ray Abernethy
1997: Joan Hess
1996: Linda Gravlin
1995: Thomas Mark
1994: Donna Nosella
1993: Harry Pride
1992: Don and Helen Brown
1991: Ken Legge
1990: Donald Wrigley
1989: Evelyn Salisbury
1988: Rachael (Ray) Ribchester
1987: Pearl McPhee
1986: Gail Yip
1985: Sylvia Stillwell
1984: David Mercier
1983: Una E. Carlson
1982: Donald Copan

Since 1997, the Local Heroes award recognizes individuals who make our city a better place through their commitment to volunteerism. 

2023 Winners:

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