Youth Week Citizenship Awards

Appreciating our youth

The Youth Citizenship Award recognizes outstanding young citizens who make a difference in their communities by volunteering their time and skills. The mayor presents a Citizenship Certificate to all of the nominated individuals and awards a $100 bursary to the top 5.

The winners are chosen and honoured during Burnaby Youth Week, held annually during the first week of May. The week is filled with fun games and activities.

Candidates must be under 19 years of age, and:

  • Have made an important contribution to their community,
  • Have demonstrated qualities like leadership, commitment and enthusiasm, or
  • Have overcome adversity or are living with a limitation.


Any community member—except relatives of the nominee—can nominate a youth for the award. 

Check back for 2023 nomination details. 

Have a question? Call the Summit Youth Centre at 604-268-1369.

2022 Youth Citizenship Award recipients

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Youth Citizenship Award. The nominees included:

Alicia Zhan, Amanda Szeto, Christeena Raveendran, Courtney Michels, Dat Nguyen, Elija Cerna, Hanna Yihdego, Harmony Dominelli, Jessa Clata, Juhi Grover, Kaitlyn Heslop, Linh Nguyen, Luke Huang, Mani Nayebi, Martina Anaga, Mubarak Rashid, Parsa Jalilian, Raine Gueco, Reshma Chirakar, Reynard Peetosutan, Sabrina Zikria, Sanvi Gupta, Teagan Wong, Teiya Lam, Valerie Bui, Vanessa Chen and Vianna Sunarko.

The 5 youths selected as the top winners are: Alexi Caguiat, Brandon Lee, Donna Liu, Emma Lin and Hesam Farid.

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