Corporate Services

Our teams lead key initiatives and provide support services to the City operations you depend on

Learn about Corporate Services’ key departments that support the City’s prudent yet innovative operations and initiatives.

Who we are

The Corporate Services Department directs and oversees the work of Legislative Services (formerly City Clerk), Legal, Indigenous Relations, Marketing and Communications, and Citizen Support Services departments. The department supports the council, prepares bylaws and leads key corporate initiatives and strategies, like the diversity and equity programs and more.

What we do

Corporate Services consists of the following departments. 

Legislative Services is responsible for maintaining and managing City records and provides administrative support to council and its various committees, commissions and boards. They oversee local government elections, Freedom of Information, and the City Archives. Working with residents, businesses and organizations, Legislative Services supports participation in local government.

Legal coordinates and prepares bylaws, contracts, development agreements and provides legal advice and services to other City departments. The department also addresses legal proceedings involving the City.

Indigenous Relations works to improve and build relationships between Indigenous communities and organizations, industry and other levels of government. The department also helps the City meet its Truth and Reconciliation goals and obligations.

Citizen Support Services recruits and manages volunteers who assist and serve the vulnerable sector–infants, children and seniors. Through various programs and services, volunteers help improve the quality of life for children and families. They also help keep seniors connected while maintaining their independence to live at home. 

Marketing and Corporate Communications creates and implements marketing and communications strategies and plans in line with the City's objectives. The department informs and engages residents and businesses about City's programs, services and events using educational and promotional content, graphics and other collateral. 

Marketing and Corporate Communications also oversees the Print Shop, a full-service facility providing high quality offset printing, high speed copying, colour copying, large format printing including banners and bindery services to departments and related civic groups.

Contact us

Department Phone Email
Citizen Support Services 604-294-7980 [email protected]
Legislative Services (formerly City Clerk) Phone: 604-294-7290
Fax: 604-294-7537
[email protected]
Indigenous Relations   [email protected]
Marketing and Corporate Communications 604-570-3636 [email protected]
Legal Phone: 604-294-7381
Fax: 604-294-7985

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